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Do you want people starting your event laughing, energized, and pumped to participate? Do you want people leaving your event telling their friends, "you should have gone this year!"? Do you want to look brilliant for hiring a truly unique speaker with a powerful message and immediately applicable techniques? Then Avish is the speaker for you!

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Audio/Visual: Avish does not use PowerPoint, so no projector or screen is needed. For breakouts/workshops, Avish may need a flipchart and markers. Avish also uses a wireless lavaliere microphone as he uses his hands while he speaks and moves around the stage and room. He also requires a small table or stool to be on the stage to put a few small items on.

Handouts: For presentations requiring a handout, Avish will send an electronic version no later than one week in advance, which you may copy as needed.

Travel: Avish either drives or travels from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). He charges reimbursement for one coach class ticket or mileage at the current standard rate.

Lodging: Please reserve a hotel room billed to your master account. Avish prefers king/non-smoking whenever possible.

Deposits: A deposit of 50% of the speaking fee will lock-in your desired presentation date.

Start or end your conference, convention, or meeting in a way that will set your event apart and get all of your attendees "buzzing"!
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Improvised Musings!

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"Avish was a great keynote speaker - I enjoyed his anecdotes, his humor about relationships, and his, "take action" approach"
-Susan Fletcher, Career Potential

"Avish not only introduces great ideas but he gives you time to practice and internalize them while keeping you laughing the whole time."
-Jen Morissette, BLT Architects

"Great energy, great stories. Set a great tone for the day."
-Chris Patton, President, Internal Affairs

"Great program, uplifting and powerful!"
-Donald Hurford, Parkway Corporation

"Great Information and a lot of fun. Really drives the point by experiencing it!"
Erin Bushnell, Penoni Associates, Inc.

"Very amusing and truly related to actual life. Fun and moving."
Jennifer Scanlon, Regional Field Recruiter, Wawa

"He is very entertaining. I agree with his outlook on life. He was a good choice as opening motivator."
-Christine Bongard, Quality Technology Solutions

"Finally, a professional speaker that knows how to truly engage an audience. Nicely done!"
-Will Farkouh, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

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