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Avish's "Funny Stuff" Blog

Avish's Humor Blog - Humorous ideas, quick observations, and "improvised musings." Most will have a point, some will just be straight humor. Updated frequently, so either add to your blg reader or check back frequently!

The Funny Stuff

The Ridiculousness that is "Superman II" (1636 Words)

There Must be Some Misunderstanding - Of These Lyrics! (1435 Words)

Is the Customer Really "Always Right?" (1484 Words)

Is Your Bad Luck Misfortune or Stupidity? (1229 Words)

The "Single Person's Survival Guide" Survival Guide (841 Words)

Rain on My Parade - Please! (1113 Words)

Halloween Humor - The Twisted Trick of Tacky Treats! (1481 Words)

Halloween Humor - Get Dressed to Thrill! (1485 Words)

Stop Whining - Age is a Just Number! (1193 Words)

How Many Employees Does it Take to Change a Dollar? (954 Words)

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Improvised Musings!

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-Jen Morissette, BLT Architects

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Erin Bushnell, Penoni Associates, Inc.

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Jennifer Scanlon, Regional Field Recruiter, Wawa

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-Will Farkouh, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

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