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Better Sales Through Improv Comedy

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In the world of sales, where scripts and canned presentations seem the norm, does improvisation ever belong? Of course it does!

First off, just because many sales people have presentations and scripts does not mean that that is the best way to go. In fact, many sales are lost when the salesperson is unable to go "off the script."

This is not to say that practicing and rehearsing are bad. Proper preparation and knowing what key phrases you want to say are important. However, prospects are interesting people. They may want something a little different than you are presenting. They may ask a question you are not quite prepared for. Or they may not be the type to respond to your exact presentation method.

So how does improv fit in here? First off, one of the core skills in improvisation is creativity. If the prospect throws you a question or idea and you are unprepared for it, proper improv skills will allow you to answer that question quickly and with confidence. Without the ability to think on your feet, you look lost, and that does not inspire confidence in the buyer.

Second, another core skill of improv is listening effectively. If you do nothing else but implement the proper listening methods of a good improviser, you will be able to learn more about your client and close more sales than you ever could with a script. Selling with an improv mindset becomes a collaborative activity. You find out all about the prospect, and then, once you know what they need, you let them know what you can offer.

Finally, the improv mindset is all about positivity and a willingness to take risks. This mentality will draw people to you, be they prospects, co-workers, clients, or personal relations. The willingness to take risks will carry you throw cold calls, introductions, presentations, and the close.

Keep your scripts and presentations. Just add in the improv skill set that will give you the flexibility to maximize your sales.

Avish Parashar is a dynamic professional speaker who shows organizations and individuals how to get what they want using the Art and Science of improv comedy. He weaves together humorous stories, witty observations, and interactive exercises from improvisational comedy to get people laughing, learning, and motivated! Avish is most commonly called upon to deliver programs on Motivation, Sales, and Communication

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-Jen Morissette, BLT Architects

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